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DeliaSoft: Smart Solutions For Intelligent Businesses

DeliaSoft Sp. z o. o. is a Poland based software development company. We use only the best and the most innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding businesses.

What makes us a team? We love and enjoy what we do. We share our experience and we are always ready to help each other. Software development is a “team game”, and we know that we always can rely on each other.


Our History

We started our way 5 years ago. Since that time we have implemented dozens of project. It allowed us to improve the development process and make it highly effective.

Our Goals

We are looking for interesting and challenging tasks. We always do our best to provide our clients with modern solutions and further project support. Contact our team today!

Our Approach

A successful IT project is a combination of a brilliant idea and newest technologiest. If you have the fist one, we can help you with the second.

Right place to discuss your idea and select technologies

Software developemnt starts with a discussion and analysis. Request a free consultation with our experts today.






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